Adding additional profiles to AWS CLI

I use AWS Shell which is an integrated shell for working with the AWS CLI.

Navigate to ~/.aws/ on a mac. If you are on a windows, you will need to google the path. In this directory you will see .credentials and .config.

Open .credentials in your editor and you should see something like below.

If you already use the AWS CLI then you should already have a default profile with your tokens. Below we have added a new profile user2

You will also need to update .config with the below contents, yours may vary.

Now load the new named profile. For more information about named profiles.



Shell Script and Docker

Here is a simple shell script that checks to see if docker is installed. If docker is installed it then filters to see if a container with a certain name is also running and  if it is not it will trigger the run command.

Good tutorial on shell scripting,

Firebase or Not Firebase

I have been hearing out in the interwebs that firebase is not ideal for most small startup projects or small projects in general. Mainly those with not whole lot of cash to throw around.  In a recent blog post a small startup explains its experience with firebase. I have also read something similar about a year ago.

I would also think this is the case for most PaaS.

I’m currently in the middle of working on an IOS app that leverages firebase for its auth, database features. Now these features are not something crazy, so I may end using a hosted solution with some node in the mix.

Just a thought.

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