Working with NodeJS, CouchDB and Express Framework

This is a simple example of using node.js, nano (couch db modules) and the express framework to retrieve some data from a couch instance.

Setting up the modules

We will be using a couch instance from The database will be named “employees”.

We need to include the express module and create an express server:

With all modules setup it should look like this.

We need to give express access to the imgs, css and js directories so it can retrieve our assets.

Setting up a route

We are setting up a route to “all” that will call a view from the couch instance and retrieve some data.

Starting sever

Point your browser to http://localhost:3000/all. You should see a JSON object return like below. I only added 2 employees for the demo.

I will go over how to create a couch instance, create a view and add some data in another post.

Share URL Mobile Web App

The purpose of this web app was to group links based on a basecamp project. The app is utilized internally to have people test out the links on their mobile devices. We used to use to upload a link and share it. This became a pain because you had to login and then find all the links you wanted.

There is also a add project page where someone would add a new set of links. I have provided a demo link below.

View Demo
Best viewed on a mobile device.

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