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Recent project –

Months in the making, but finally live. The all new website. Below is a link to a more detailed description of the new site.

[button url=”” style=”blue” size=”small” type=”square” icon=”” target=”_blank”] Introducing the new [/button]

Potentially new UI design pattern: Expandable Mobile Search Form

The Purpose:

On mobile display, every pixel counts. To minimize the space required to display the search form, it is displayed in a compact form and then expand to full width on :focus. This way more space can be used for other interface elements or content area.

Check out the extended article over at

List of Awesome jQuery Plugins

This will be an on going list of awesome jquery plugins i have encountered. Some of these are also plugins i have used in projects and will use in the future.

CSS3 Based Plugins:

UI Based Plugins:

DOM Manipulation Plugins:

  • jQuery++ (A collection of extremely useful DOM helpers and special events for jQuery 1.7 and later) –

Mobile Based Plugins:

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