MonthJuly 2015

Kill Node Process in Linux (Ubuntu)

List out all running processes with this command.

Find the process id number (PID) it should be the second column.

Note: If you happen to run your app through forever. You may want to kill the forever process first and then your app process. Once those are stopped, push your new changes and restart your app using forever. You could just start your app directly if you are constantly making updates to the code base.

Host Multiple Node.js Applications with Nginx and Forever

The setup I’m running is using Digital Ocean’s VPS hosting. I’m using the cheapest plan they offer.

Instead of explaining it myself, head over to the original article I referenced to get this setup working. I’m currently running 3 apps in this single VPS instance. Each app points to a different port , and using the same IP address assigned.

Loading image from URL with SWIFT

Found this snippet provided by a stackoverflow user helpful. It loads a remote image async. Helps with performance when loading several images over the network to populate your table cells . This snippet extends the UIImageView Class with an added method imageFromURL(urlString:String)


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