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Firebase or Not Firebase

I have been hearing out in the interwebs that firebase is not ideal for most small startup projects or small projects in general. Mainly those with not whole lot of cash to throw around.  In a recent blog post a small startup explains its experience with firebase. I have also read something similar about a year ago.

I would also think this is the case for most PaaS.

I’m currently in the middle of working on an IOS app that leverages firebase for its auth, database features. Now these features are not something crazy, so I may end using a hosted solution with some node in the mix.

Just a thought.

Recent deployment issue with Sailsjs and no assets being loaded. 

If you find it that when you deploy your sails app and no assets are being loaded. It’s because grunt is not being run when running sails lift.

Here is what I found was causing the problem.  Sails looks for this file .sailsrc when you run the app, it will override settings. In this case when I started the app grunt was not run.

After removing the grunt property the .sailsrc file looked like below.


Make an API Request Before Bootstrapping Angular Application

In a recent headless angular application, we needed to make an api request before the application was bootstrapped. Below is a code sample of how it was achieved. This code was placed before the closing <body> tags of an index.html file.


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