Angular 2 Resources

A list of resources that have helped me get up to speed with Angular 2.

Working with HTTP


Golang Resources

A list of resources that have helped me get familiar with Go and all its glory.

Setting up the workspace
  1. Set your $GOPATH to point to your root folder /goapp
  2. Set your $GOBIN to point to $GOPATH/bin
  3. Create 3 folders in $GOPATH (src, pkg, bin)
  4. Create the main app folder with the convention of $GOPATH/src/{username}/goapp/main.go
Working with JSON

Create a Docker Image Containing a Node.js Application and Host it on Docker Hub

This is first part we will be “dockerizing” a simple node application and pushing the image to docker hub.

App structure will be simple and look like this.


We will run a simple node server.

Dockerfile will have the following instructions to build our image.

Now to build our image using the instructions in our Dockerfile. In our terminal window we will run this command.

If everything checks out after running docker build then if you run docker images, you should see your newly created image.


Now to push our newly created image to You will need to create a repository and name it according to docker hub specs.


Here is a link to the repo on docker hub.

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