DateApril 30, 2012

jQTouch and Gelocation Web App

A simple web app I created to get my feet wet using jQTouch, HTML5 Geolocation and Yahoo Local API to retrieve the nearest car washes based on your phones GPS. This was built to work with your phones GPS, and seeing as modern browsers have geolocation built in now a days it should also work.

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Detect Lost of Internet Connection

I wanted a way to check to see when connection to a network was lost, and if it was lost show a message alerting the user. Lets put in perspective, say you are  out and about and happen to want to enroll to a new service and they happen to have a long sign up form. You fill out all those 20 fields and get to the submit button but the form bombs out because your network connection was lost. This would frustrate you and would turn you away from this service. The idea with this is to show the user a nice message warning them that connection was lost and hopefully they wait and successfully sign up to your service.

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